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Increase Your Personal Power: Solar Plexus Chakra

Back again with another blog post! I've learned to accept the fact that although I would love to produce and create content more frequently than I have over the past few months this year, life happens! I have been ridiculously busy but I'm not complaining because my organizational, planning and ability to execute have all improved significantly. I've exercised so much self discipline and structure over there past few months to tackle projects, including the Aspire To Inspire self-empowerment workshop that my sisters and I created for teens in my hometown and a dry needling certification course that I can now add to my physical therapy skillset! So naturally I'm feeling unconquerable, in other words I feel like my Solar Plexus chakra is flourishing. So what exactly does that mean? An overview on chakras, which are the energy centers located in our bodies, can be found on my Demystifying Your Chakras blog post. That will give you a great background and introduction to all 7 primary chakras or you can head over to THIS Heart Chakra specific blog. But right now I want to focus solely on the 3rd chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the magnetic core of the personality and ego, serving as the expression of will, personal power and mental abilities. Increasing your personal power has a plethora of benefits and deserves to be discussed - I hope be the time you finish this blog post you'll be able to incorporate new practices to open and balance this energy center.

"I'm more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand"

- Beyonce Knowles


The Solar Plexus chakra is the third primary chakra of our internal energy center located between your navel and lower part of the chest, think abdominal area. The color associated with this chakra is yellow or golden yellow hues, the element is fire, and the original Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus chakra is Manipura.

This chakra is the center of:

- Personal power

- Self discipline

- Ambition

- Self esteem

- Ethics

- Intellect

- Decision making/Clarity of Situations

A well-balanced Solar Plexus chakra allows you to not only realize your desires and intentions but also provide you with the drive to obtain them. This chakra is necessary for personal growth to open you up to higher levels of awareness to your surroundings and it's also responsible for giving us that "gut feeling" about things that seem inexplicable in the time. When you feel like you're low in ambition and drive to work or get things done, I recommend looking closely at the Solar Plexus.

Signs of Imbalance or Blockages

- Being manipulative

- Lack of purpose or ambition

- Fear of rejection

- Anger issues

- Irresponsibility

- Being overly critical

Imbalance in the Solar Plexus chakra may manifest on the physical level:

- Digestive problems

- Eating disorders

- Ulcers

Useful Solar Plexus Chakra Tools

Crystal Healing

Tigers Eye: enhances personal power, strengthens sense of self, boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, increases courage

Amber: promotes peace and trust, clears negativity, cleanses chakras and auras, stimulates the body's ability to heal itself

Citrine: the success stone, enhances wealth and abundance, aids in manifestation, promotes increased energy and drive

Yellow Jasper: channels positivity, build self-confidence and enthusiasm, eases self-consciousness, helps overcome embarrassment

Essential Oils

Clary Sage: brings about clarity in a situation, eases anxiety, useful in weak digestion and intestinal cramps, inspires others to seek the truth to who they are

Patchouli: calms, relaxes, balances the mind and emotions, eases digestive issues, stabilizes the mind when you're worrying

Cedar wood: calming effect on the mind, invites peaceful thoughts, enhances your desire to trust your gut instincts

Roman Chamomile: balances emotional and nervous system, helps the liver release stagnant energy and discharge toxins, eases stomach discomfort

The oils can be used in a diffuser or combined with a massage oil carry to be directly applied to the Solar Plexus area after testing on small area to determine skin sensitivity.


I respect and honor myself

I am an individual

I have a purpose

I am confident

I am passionately living my purpose

Healing Techniques

There are a variety of methods you can choose to assist in balancing and opening your Solar Plexus chakra when you sense dysfunction. Yoga poses can be used to assist with this chakra, primarily the bridge, cow, child's pose and sitting spinal twist poses. Meditation is always my go-to when targeting a chakra I feel needs additional attention, visualization of a glowing yellow orb while repeating mantras (like the ones above!) or holding a Solar Plexus specific crystal is another way to find balance. Those are just a couple of suggestions, once you determine which work best for you utilize the tools mentioned above and dedicate time for realignment. For additional information on healing techniques, chakras and why our energetic is important be sure to check out the Demystifying Your Chakras blog!

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