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Crystals In The Bedroom: Improving Your Sleep

There have been a few blog posts dedicated to crystals and crystal use including It's A Vibe + Toolkit and Useful Healing Stones During Aries Season - So be sure to check those out when you get a chance for additional crystal information and exposure to different types of stones that may be beneficial for you.

Today on the blog I'm highlighting crystals for a different reason, SLEEP

There's A Crystal For That

I feel like there's a crystal (or several) for issues that we may encounter on a day to day basis. We all know how important sleep is - it's healing, rejuvenating and allows us to prepare for the next day we have ahead. With that being said, we also know how it feels when we aren't getting adequate or high quality sleep which can shift your entire mood or outlook for the next day. Whether your issue is falling asleep, staying asleep, or battling disturbing dreams there are crystals available that can assist you in improving your sleep quality and promoting a peaceful mindset before bed.


1. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most well-known stone when it comes to improving sleep. Amethyst is a healing stone that facilitates calmness and relaxes your physical body making falling asleep easier. This stone works with your Third Eye and can assist you in clearing negative thoughts to prevent nightmares.

2. Moonstone

Moonstone is a dreamy looking crystal and is perfect for the bedroom. Moonstone is useful in reducing emotional tension and brings peace (especially helpful for children), it also is said to drive away nightmares and assist in lucid dreaming.

3. Celestite

Celestite is a stone of extreme serenity that pushes away negative and chaotic thoughts. This healing crystals works with your Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakra calming your mind and lifting your mood. Celestite is also useful is bringing peace to strained relationships making it an excellent choice for couples in their bedroom.

Leopard Jasper

Leopard Jasper is useful during sleep for several reasons including bringing your inner strength while you sleep that will assist you in overcoming obstacles and make strides in the right direction. This is a protective stone that shields you from negative energy while you sleep to allow you to wake up feeling well-rested and at peace.

5. Stilbite

Stilbite is an excellent stone that aids in calming mental chatter and clearing mind clutter that could prevent us from falling asleep. Stilbite resonates with the vibration of Universal Love and has a calming energy that's perfect for combating insomnia or rough nights where sleep may be difficult.

How To Use

I'm going to list some common ways that the highlighted crystals are used to assist with sleep - but of course the best way to use your crystal is whatever feels right for YOU. Stick to what you're comfortable with and what method you connect the most with.

Place Them On Your Nightstand or Next To Your Bed

Crystals can be placed on your nightstand, dresser, really anywhere near your bed that will bring you close to the crystal's energy.

Put A Crystal Under The Pillow

I like to put crystals inside my pillowcase on the underside to prevent it from moving around too much while I sleep but you can also place a crystal directly under your pillow (all my wild sleepers might want to try the inside the pillowcase hack or under the mattress) but this allows you to get closer to the stones frequency while you sleep. Using smooth and tumbled stones are typically best for this method.

Meditate With Crystal Before Bed

Attempting meditation before bed with your crystal in hand is a good way to use these selected crystals - meditation can assist with calming the mental chatter before bed and ease you into relaxation to promote peaceful sleep.

Place Crystals Under Your Bed

Another way to crystals for sleep is by putting them under your bed typically towards the head of the bed where your sleep - you can place the crystals in a protective cloth bag or small bowl where they can be kept safe.

I Welcome Peace And Restful Sleep

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