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How I Heal Series: Jakayla Leathers

After a few weeks of covering other blog topics, another installation of the How I Heal Series is here! This one is special because it features a woman from my hometown that I've known since high school! I'm extremely blessed to have been able to witness to her growth and development through the years while she fought through adversity and still came out on top. Her work ethic is unmatched, her love for family and passion for excellence is apparent. Jakayla is someone I can say that I'm proud to know personally and I know you will feel the same after learning more about how she uses positive affirmations and chakra healing in her life. (Still unclear on what chakras are? Check out THIS blog when you get a chance for everything you need to know about them.)

"If it’s not going to kill you, it’s not worth the energy you're spending stressing over it"

-Jakayla L.


Name and Occupation

Jakayla Leathers

Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur


Beaufort SC

Method of Healing

Chakra Healing and Positive Affirmations

How You Discovered This Method

I honestly never knew that what I was doing had a name until recently. Chakra healing incorporates breathing techniques, meditation, awareness and intention. It’s not until recently that I have began using the meditation and breathing aspect, but intention and awareness has always been a major part of my life. Growing up I was always the chill and grounded type. To this day my motto remains, if it’s not going to kill you, it’s not worth the energy you're spending stressing over it. I spend time on things that bring me peace, happiness, joy, etc. and starve the things that threaten that happiness. Even when negativity completely engulfs me, Positivity always triumphs! If I feel negative energy, I can’t physically remain in that space. I have always had a strong desire to eliminate negative energy in both myself and others and ultimately this is what Chakra Healing enforces.

Reiki healing came about a little differently. I had a friend who demonstrated Reiki to me before but at the time I was not open to understanding what it was and how it worked. But it did work, without a doubt. The power of the mind is beyond what most people can even grasp. I started practicing Reiki unknowingly at first. If I felt ill, i would tell myself repeatedly (out loud and in my mind) that I was not sick. Believing is the first step to manifesting and I honestly believe that the power to heal and thrive starts within!

How You Currently Use This Method

I still practice these same methods and have begun to do more research in holistic healing in general! I eat better I try to remain conscious about what I put in my body. I meditate DAILY and write a lot also. Writing is also a helpful way of enforcing and manifesting the life I want. Lastly, I surround myself with people who understand the journey! My husband is one of those beautiful people who is tremendously supportive. He is truly my better half and a major contribution to my peace and strength. We make it a habit of going out in nature to recenter ourselves and recharge.

Additional Information

When I first plunged into this area of my life, it was strange, and until I did my own research, I initially thought that in some way I was stepping over to the dark side! But in all actuality, I was finally realizing the light that had always been within me. Chakras are apart of every day life, whether you call it one thing or another - We all have them. And having the knowledge to tap into something you’ve always had within you is powerful in itself! My kids will be a generation who knows their true power, and operates at their highest potential. If I can’t find peace in anything else, I find peace in knowing that!

Message From Jakayla:

In 2013 I withdrew from college in pursuit of my passion for hair. I was ridiculed for my decision and was constantly reminded of all of the negative things associated with being a cosmetologist - But I answered my call nonetheless. I now own a successful Hair Extension Line called YMHAIR and am also a licensed cosmetologist in the beautiful town of Beaufort, South Carolina.

You can check out my Extension Line and follow me on social media at the links below:


Facebook: YMhair

I challenge you to reach for the stars. Be the best version of you possible. Explore the unknown. Do what scares the shit out of you. Weave your dreams into reality!


"Even when negativity completely engulfs me, Positivity always triumphs!" -Jakayla L.

Hopefully you can see why I say Jay is amazing! I'm so happy this feature is available for everyone to read and learn more about her! If you're interested in knowing more and following up with Jakayla or reaching out, you can keep up with her on social media that is listed above. I'm always extremely appreciative when others are open to sharing their story and healing methods, you never know who you can impact! With that being said, if you feel like you want to share your story and your personal journey through unconventional healing methods my email inbox is open! Contact me and we can discuss further!


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