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Client Reviews

"Having never been through a reiki session before I didn't know what to expect outside of what I've read in books or saw on YouTube videos. Dr Banner explained the process and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The session went smoothly and she intuitively  connected with some physical issues in which I was experiencing. I've had pain in my left shoulder prior to seeing her for many years. When I went to the gym this morning (a week later), I noticed that the usual pain that I've been accustomed to feeling for the last few years had subsided a great deal, and actually was non-existent. The only variable I can attribute this to is from the reiki session. The effects were subtle and worked behind the scenes of my conscious mind. Hopefully the effects are permanent, but even if this only temporary relief, I'll take it"

Edmund C.

"My first in-person reiki session with Dr. Blake Banner was requested due to a physical ailment brought on by stress. After that session I saw relief the next day. Very pleasantly surprised by that! My following session left me relaxed and I even saw soothing colors while my eyes were closed during the session. Definitely recommend anyone to try it out to see what benefits it can bring."

Meredith B.

"Dr. Blake did such a great job with my Reiki session over the weekend. Over the past few months I've been feeling disconnected and out of sorts. She really helped me identify some pressure points in my chakras that are causing me issues and she did it 8 hours away via phone! Dr. Blake is very in tune with her studies and it shows in the service she provides."

Candice J.

"During my distance Reiki session with Dr. Banner I experienced a decrease in anxiety and doubt. I felt a warm sensation of energy that has now stuck with me these past days. Even an ankle pain I’ve been dealing with for WEEKS has diminished! 
Highly recommend and can’t wait for my next session!"

Shaun S.

"I had such a calming first Reiki experience with Dr. Banner. I felt balanced afterwards and refreshed. I will definitely be returning. I was a skeptic before, but after the experience I am a believer in the power of Reiki. I recommend this to any skeptic to experience this for themselves."

Evelyn M.

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