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Trust Your Intuition: Third Eye Chakra

This week we continue to work through the 7 chakras and focus on the Third Eye Chakra. Be sure to catch up on the previous blog posts on the Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Throat Chakra! For a brief overview of all energy centers and their importance, the Demystifying Your Chakras Blog is a great place to start!

"I Am In Touch With My Inner Guidance"


The Third Eye Chakra is the sixth energy center, located on the forehead between the eyes, this chakra is also known as The Brow Chakra. This is the epicenter of intuition and the clarity that intuition brings. When balanced, this chakra provides a harmonious view of the world integrating imagination and logic allowing you to feel more creative and spontaneous. Through our Third Eye we see all possibilities and by learning to calm our mind we can access the deeper levels of our self and the world with an elevated perspective.

This chakra is the center of:

-Spiritual Awareness




-Emotional Balance

-Logic and Decision Making

Signs of Imbalances or Blockages

-Ignoring Your Intuition

-Increased Emotional Reactivity

-Difficulty with Open-Mindedness


-Excessively Daydreaming

-Eye Discomfort

-Mentally Overwhelmed

Blockages or imbalance in the chakra system can be caused by a number of things including illness, stress, emotional upset or conflict. The good news is, our energetic body is in constant motion, even if you feel like you're experiencing symptoms of an imbalanced center it does not have to last long if you take it upon yourself to work towards improvement.

Look For Wisdom in Your Deepest Dreaming

Increase Your Intuition: Meditate - Reflect - Dream

When we talk about our Third Eye Chakra, it's important to highlight specific tasks that can be done to expand this energy center and increase our trust in our intuition. Meditation for this energy center should be performed deliberately to watch your mind and observe passing thoughts. An issue that can leave to imbalance or blockages in this energy center is related to identifying with every thought we have as truth instead of understanding that they are spontaneous and don't have meaning until we give them that power. How many times has something happened in your life and your mind took off running in 10 different directions with possibilities, scenarios and "what-ifs" that never came to be? Meditating with the goal of observation and releasing harmful thoughts will improve your overall energetic state. Self reflection is closely related to meditation as it allows you to increase your self awareness and dissect why certain situations spark reactions and feelings within you. Using a journal to document your emotions, moods, and thoughts can be extremely beneficial in balancing your Third Eye and increasing your intuition. It is believed that you should look for wisdom in your deepest dreaming - our dreams can be heavily symbolic in nature and express our subconscious fears, desires and needs. Dreams can reveal lessons and messages to be applied to your journey in life. Having trouble remembering your dreams? Try giving yourself 15 minutes prior to bedtime to eliminate screen time on all devices, this can serve as a distraction when setting the intention to recall your dream. Another idea is to keep a dream journal handy, you should use the first 5-10 minutes of waking to reflect on your dream and document. There are several useful tools and websites to use when attempting to interpret your dreams, I always encourage people to go with what resonates with them the most because that's typically the meaning that was intended for you.

Useful Third Eye Chakra Tools

Crystal Healing

Labradorite: enhances intuition, protective against negative energy

Amethyst: promotes spiritual awareness and intuition

Kyanite: gentle and balancing energy, promotes clairvoyant gifts

Chalcopyrite: opens the Third Eye to endless visions when used during meditation (available HERE)

Essential Oils

Clary Sage: brings feels of clarity and emotional stability

Lavender: dispels feelings of confusion or conflict

Frankincense: calms and brings peace to the mind

Pine: supports clarity for meditation


-I expand my view of the possible

-I trust and follow my inner guidance

-I open myself to my inner wisdom

Do you trust your intuition or do you find yourself questioning your gut feeling? Are you relying on your inner knowledge to handle life situations or are you always seeking answers from an external source? These are questions your Third Eye Chakra wants you to ask yourself and reflect on. All the answers you search for can be found within, tune in and allow yourself to experience the inner wisdom that has always been available to you.


I took time to record a brief (4 minute) sound bowl meditation with gratitude affirmations. I have made this meditation available via dropbox download! Use this as a tool to promote peace and relaxation.

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