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Crystal Healing: It's A Vibe + Toolkit

To be completely honest, I've struggled with writing this blog for so long because I wanted to make sure I was thorough and gave it the respect it deserves. Crystal Healing is a huge part of my personal journey as well as a tool I use to assist others through meditation or Reiki services. It's safe to say I'm extremely passionate about crystals which is also why I want to share this information with as many people as possible. Even when I was a child I would love to go into metaphysical stores with my mom and pick out tumbled stones I was drawn to (or just thought looked pretty!). It wasn't until I stepped into my healing journey in adulthood that I realized even at a young age I was using the high power frequency of stones to help find balance. I've received tons of emails and inquiries about where to start on a crystal healing journey and I wrote this in hopes to help others. So, enjoy and make sure to save/bookmark this post to reference in the future when out looking to add or start your own crystal collection.

Introduction + Crystal Selection

So much more than just attractive stones, crystal healing has been around for hundreds of years in a variety of cultures around the world. The power and impact they have on our body, mental and emotional state is something that should not be overlooked and we should use this to our advantage. So, how exactly does it work? Everything on Earth has a vibrational frequency, each crystal has a unique vibration of their own that can impact the energy of the objects and beings around them. Crystals serve to modulate your energy field by changing the frequency at which you vibrate. On any given day our energy can fluctuate from high to low, crystals however, maintain continued high vibration which makes them an excellent selection for achieving equilibrium.

Crystals can help with emotional blockages, clearing spaces and people, assist in meditation, increase creativity, enhance intuition and so many other benefits. By choosing the right crystal you can enhance your vibration, energy field and overall outlook for the better.

The only advice I have for selecting crystals is to go with what feels good! Whether it's the color, texture, name or inexplainable attraction - your intuition will never steer you wrong. I love intuitively selecting crystals because I feel like my body always knows what's best and yours does too! If there's something specific you want to target then you can direct your attention to specific crystals for a certain intention (i.e. love, protection, abundance). Crystals can be purchased in metaphysical stores, thrift stores, or online at reputable sites. Do your research and pick a method that works best for you.

How To Use + Cleanse Your Crystals

Prior to using your crystal, I always encourage cleansing its' energy first (however, there are certain crystals that don't require cleansing but we aren't going to get into those specifics in this post). There are various way to cleanse your crystal including smoke (sage or incense), exposure to moon or sunlight, burying them in dirt, rinsing them with water, using other crystals (like selenite!), or meditating with intention. Before just selecting any cleansing method look into the type of crystal you wish to cleanse as some have sensitivities to sun or water, protecting your crystal begins the moment it comes in your possession.

How you use your crystal is completely up to you. Primary methods of use include wearing (as in wrapped jewelry, bracelets or in your pocket), being held during meditation, placing them around your home/selected environment, sleeping with them under/in your pillow - or if you're anything like me doing all of the above! There's no right or wrong way to reap the benefits of crystal healing, as long as your intention is pure you will benefit.

Crystal Shapes

Just like the color of a crystal serves a specific purpose, the shape also plays a role in their healing properties. There are a variety of shapes that crystals, each shape changes the way you receive the energy but it does not change the type of energy being emitted. I listed a few of the common shapes so you can keep in mind when shopping for a new (or your first!) crystal:

Tumbled: very practical, easy for carrying because of their size, can be placed in pockets, on desks, in pillows

Spheres: allows energy to be emitted in all directions, creates a sense of wholeness during meditation

Pyramids: one of the most powerful tools for manifestation and amplifying, high vibrational energy

Points: most commonly used, powerful for manifestation at faster rates, directs intention up into the universe

Clusters: several points growing together on a matrix; convergence of crystal points vibrate at even higher energy

Harmonizers: cylindrical shapes for holding during meditation; balance can be restored by holding one in both hands

Beginner's Toolkit Essentials

If I were to pick a few crystals that I believed everyone should have in their collection (whether you're just starting or have been exploring crystal healing for years), the ones listed below would be my top picks. Imagine it serving as a "Crystal Healing First Aid Kit", those crystals that are multi-purpose and can be used for a number of things to benefit you. These are the crystals I have multiples of so I can keep them in a variety of places, wherever you can imagine I probably have one of these stuck somewhere or hiding!

Clear Quartz: amplifies energies, cleanses spaces, works as master healer, charges crystals

Rose Quartz: promotes and strengthens all types of love, promotes joy, fosters unconditional love, instills calm and peacefulness, fosters faith

Amethyst: enhances intuition, promotes restful sleep, supports connection to spiritual realm

Citrine: promotes prosperity and abundance, encourages generosity, fosters self-esteem, transforms negative energy into positive

Selenite: promotes communication with higher self, cleanses other crystals, fosters enlightenment, provides protective energy, sparks inspiration

Quick Reference Guide

In an effort to provide you with the most useful information I also wanted to breakdown a list of a few crystals you can use for welcoming certain energies. Below you'll see a few crystals in each category for a specific intention.


Citrine, Aventurine, Sunstone, Pyrite, Clear Quartz


Amethyst, Selenite, Angelite, Amazonite, Rose Quartz


Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, Black Obsidian


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