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Protecting Energy 101

"Energy is the essence of life." -Oprah Winfrey

Happy New Year! This is the very first blog post of 2019 and I couldn't be more excited to discuss ENERGY. The new year tends to bring us this boost of vitality and we want to do any and everything, we feel empowered and ready to tackle all that is coming our way. That energy is valuable, just as quick as the clock strikes midnight and you can go from 0 to 100 when welcoming a new year, being around the wrong people can make that energy go from 100 back to 0 just as quickly. The last thing you need heading into the new year is any kind of disruption in your positivity and optimistic attitude.

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

We are energetic beings - and I mean all types of energy from physical, emotional, mental to spiritual. We encounter all kind of energy throughout a single day and unfortunately we pick up some of the not so great vibes along the way. If you've ever felt like you were lacking energy, found it difficult to interact with others or as I like to put it just felt "blah" you might be experiencing some imbalance in that internal energetic network better known as Chakras (if you're unsure about what Chakras are and how this energy system works check out THIS blog post for full details!). So now it's time to talk energy protection - protection from others, from yourself and from the situations we cannot control. Let's jump right into it.

How Can You Protect Your Energy? See 5 Steps You Can Take Below!

1. Stay Away From Energy Vampires

So what is an Energy Vampire? This can be simply defined as someone who is toxic, and sometimes it's not deliberate or malicious but that doesn't change the fact that they are indeed draining you of your precious energy. Have you ever encountered a person and as soon as they start talking or just by being around them you feel depleted, tired and maybe even stressed meanwhile they're the only ones feeling energized? Yup, they just used you to replenish their energy. Energy vampires can come in the form of that one drama queen friend, the boss that doesn't know when to let up, or even that one person who is always the victim in every situation - be aware! You're entitled to the choice of not interacting with those who are always complaining or negative, choose to surround yourself with people who bring you feelings of peace and joy. Bottom line, avoid disharmonious relationships.

2. Get A Protective Stone

Healing crystals and stones like Smoky Quartz, Jet, and Black Tourmaline absorb negative energy, increase positive energy and vibrational energy, detoxifies, and aid in letting go of past hurt. These are grounding and protective stones that are an excellent addition to anyone's collection or worth grabbing if you've never explored crystal healing before. Any one of these in your environment or on your purpose can be extremely beneficial. Also, do your own research and see what other crystals you may be drawn to or find helpful on a daily basis!

3. Say No More Often and Set Boundaries

People and situations can only take your energy if you allow it, by saying no and setting boundaries you're creating a safe space for yourself. I saw a quote once that said "saying no is a form of self care" and I 100% agree with that. Every time you say yes to something you know you shouldn't have you're disempowered and open the door for others to steal your energy leaving you feeling "off". Set boundaries with friends and family so everyone knows where the line is, this might be difficult at first but overextending yourself and being exposed to varying energy levels all the time can lead to burn out quick.

4. Affirmations or Mantras

It's surprising how a small saying can have a BIG impact. I've spoken on the power of affirmations and positivity in numerous blog posts, so you probably had an idea that this was coming. I mean, Absolute Affirmations was created for this exact purpose! A useful way to use affirmations or a mantra would be directly after having a negative experience or encountering "bad vibes" also known energy draining situations. "I do not accept energy that does not serve my highest good" is one of my go-tos but you can always come up with your own that resonates with you and leaves you protected!

"My Peace Is Protected"

5. Do Things YOU Enjoy

I've mentioned this before in the Ultimate Survival Guide Blog Post, but it's always worth reminding everyone of. Doing something that makes you happy is the equivalent to plugging your phone into a charger after a long day. Too often we feel obligated to partake in activities that others enjoy, take time to invest in yourself and do things YOU like doing and see how rewarding that can feel.

Reminder: The energy we attract is a direct reflection of what we put out into the world around us. If you find yourself struggling with balance or constantly being in unfavorable negative situations, take the time to look within and see how we're managing our own energy.

I recently asked on my Instagram ways that my followers protected their energy and received so many answers that I absolutely loved! One of the best things about this website, blog and being present on social media is the interaction and feedback I get from others. So I want to continue hearing from you!

Leave a comment below or on my Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram about ways you protect your energy or how you're going to take the steps to do so in 2019 and beyond!

As always, I'm so grateful for your support and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day and schedule to read what I have to say!

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