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Ooh Baby, Baby: Midwifery

This week we delve into the world of midwifery! Midwifery is defined as the health science and profession that deals with pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period - It also deals with the sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives. This profession has been around FOREVER and it's important to highlight it for those who may be unfamiliar. I've had the pleasure of connecting with a woman who is passionate about the field and willing to share her experience and background for everyone to learn something new! Also, if you missed last week's blog post on Seasonal Affective Disorder be sure to catch up on that HERE. Be aware of the mental changes that can occur with a new season!


"I give thanks for every moment I am able to spend being of service to the immeasurable beauty & strength of creating life."

Name: Erikah Oni Facey

Location: Napa, CA/North Bay Area


Growing up with an artist mother, Oni was always inspired and encouraged to express herself through visual creation, and to see the world from a creative perspective. Her father taught her a lot about using logic to problem solve, and introduced her to the hard-realness of life in the most loving way. Oni’s Jamaican grandparents and other family have always been extremely supportive, and have blessed her with infinite love. Oni expresses deep gratitude for her sustainable, healthy and balanced upbringing where she has been very blessed with opportunities to travel, learn and grow immensely from a young age. When she was sixteen Oni started practicing Bikram yoga religiously; she also attended an alternative conceptual art high school. When she was eighteen Oni traveled to Fiji and then moved to Santa Cruz, CA to begin university and anthropology studies; while this was happening she became a certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor in Costa Rica. During that time she also spent months traveling to Jamaica, India and various countries in Europe; all of which has contributed to creating life foundations in spirituality, service, wellness, and a deep appreciation for culture.

"In the midst of this current global crisis, health, love and unity must be increased."

How You Discovered Midwifery

My journey into the birth world began as I was finishing my BA in Anthropology. In a social justice class we were learning about traumatic birth experiences & instances of malpractice that women endure while in the hospital. From these readings I was called to make a change & provide compassionate service. I started volunteering at a local maternity home & completed a prenatal yoga teacher training. Feeling that I wanted to become even more involved, I then completed a doula training through The Matrona, with an emphasis on "quantum” (metaphysical aspects) of birth. However, my yearning for wisdom, knowledge & experience only grew from there! I am currently enrolled at the Midwives College of Utah to become a Licensed Midwife. I practice with The Midwives Childbirth Services in Napa; apprenticing with a Licensed Midwife, actively attending births & appointments with her. I give thanks for every moment I am able to spend being of service to the immeasurable beauty & strength of creating life.

What Is A Midwife

Midwives traditionally guide and assist women through the birthing process; in present society they provide healthcare for women, prenatally through the postpartum period. Midwifery is the first profession. This lineage and wisdom has been passed on from the beginning of time, and it is a great honor to be called to this roll; fulfilling my dharma.

"Personal intuition and Divine guidance is the best source of information, and that is what needs to be strengthened and trusted."

What Is Your Role In The Birthing Process

As a doula I offer childbirth support for women. This includes: providing informed consent, empowerment, giving general information and considerations for pregnancy, birth and the postpartum; as well as offering physical labor support. Special services I enjoy providing are decorating prenatal maternal belly casts, and facilitating postpartum bellybinding/ womb closing ceremonies. As a student/ assistant/ apprentice midwife I attend prenatal and postpartum appointments. Assessing mother and baby’s health and well being includes things such as: ordering labs/ ultrasounds, taking vitals, measuring growth, answering questions, healing problems that may arise, giving health information and informed consent. While attending planned homebirths, midwives do essentially all that an OB does except surgery, which includes things like: assessing fetal heart tones, guiding birth, performing a newborn exam, suturing, administering vitamin K, managing postpartum hemorrhage, newborn resuscitation and the like.

Additional Information You Want Readers To Know:

For healthy pregnancies, it is statistically safer to have your baby at home rather than in the hospital. The midwifery model of care offers compassion, empowerment, informed consent, wisdom and humanity that is rarely available in the hospital. There is currently a global maternity healthcare crisis; 90 percent of childbirth morbidity and mortality is due to preventable reasons, but occurs because of lack of resources or trained professionals. In the U.S. specifically, a woman of color is four times more likely to die of childbirth related causes than a white woman. This is what inspires and motivates me to do this work. Personal intuition and Divine guidance is the best source of information, and that is what needs to be strengthened and trusted. In the midst of this current global crisis, health, love and unity must be increased. Petty issues need to be resolved, and we must call upon and follow the harmonious ways of our ancestors to survive. Being in tune with nature and aligned with the most high is what allows and creates our vitality and livelihood.


I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Erikah for sharing her knowledge and story for this week's blog post! She is an amazing woman with an awesome gift and light to share with the world. If you would like to connect with her further you can do so through her Instagram HERE. As always, if you have a topic you want to be discussed on the blog or any questions for me feel free to reach out via email - my inbox is always open! Absolute Affirmations decks are still available HERE, a positive affirmation deck to manifest the life of your dreams & keep your vibration high. This deck serves as a tool to allow you to live your best life, be your absolute best self and remain empowered.

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