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How I Heal Series: Tati Chin + RESTOCK ALERT!

I'm back again with the next installment of the How I Heal Series and this time it's with yet another awesome individual. Tati Chin is someone I reached out to after learning she has utilized unconventional healing methods in her life and luckily she was willing to share some of her story and journey with me for this feature. I was able to look more into Tati's website where she shares recipes straight from her kitchen and discusses the path that led her to starting her food blog. Read below to learn more about her and her selected method of healing and at the end of the blog post you can find the information on the RESTOCKED SAGE STICKS!!


Name and Occupation

Tati Chin

Risk Analyst by day, Food Blogger by night



Method of Healing

Energy healing - Primarily Reiki and meditation

How You Discovered This Method

I was feeling heavy in every sense of the word in late 2016. Stressed, fatigued, and ready for a refresh. I had been out of college a little over a year and working in Atlanta. I had invented heard of, so I found a wonderful woman named Marina who had a small studio and went in for my first Reiki session. Over the course of a year I did multiple Reiki sessions with her, meditation classes, and other healing methods.

How You Currently Use This Method and How It Helps

Reiki should be used as a way to refresh. To transfer and transform your energy. To flesh it all out energetically, in addition to other methods of healing. Since I can’t always go for Reiki sessions I also use meditation to supplement Reiki.

Message To Others

Reiki is an amazing way to heal, but the best tip I have is to be OPEN to the experience. Be open to whatever feelings come up during and after the session, and surrender to yourself!

Fun Facts

- I believe there's an essential oil for everything, I try to collect them when I travel!

-I'm a food blogger now but 5 years ago in college I was burning rice, regularly...

-I love kombucha but I can't remember the last time I opened a bottle without exploding on me

-I've visited over 25 countries and islands!


Tati is available on Instagram and has an awesome website HERE that is 100% absolutely worth exploring, especially if you're into creative and delicious recipes. If you're wanting to learn more about her journey or food blog contact her!


I wanted to do ONE more release of this style sage stick due to the demand. This is your LAST chance to grab the rose, lavender, frankincense and selenite sage stick! This is the FINAL release for this style making it limited edition. Don't miss out on your chance to snag one before they sell out again! Happy Saging!

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