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How I Heal Series: Krystal Banner + Sneak Peek

This is the very FIRST of my multi-part blog series entitled 'How I Heal'. The idea behind this topic is to expose others to ways people have been able to utilize unconventional methods of healing (physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally) to reach their state of equilibrium. It was important to me to highlight regular (but extraordinary) people and show the diversity in ways people deal with every day stressors.

I am so proud and excited for the first installment to feature my very own talented sister, Krystal Banner. Krystal Banner is the owner and artist of Kaleidadope and Kaleidadope Tarot. She is a former industrial engineer which required her to seek other outlets for creativity and healing. I had the pleasure of reaching out to her for this blog and below you'll see what she has to say about her healing journey through art and tarot. Following the 'How I Heal' section of this post, you'll find the Positive Affirmation Deck Sneak Peek!

Name and Occupation

Krystal Banner



Washington, DC metro area

Method of Healing


How You Discovered This Method

Synchronicity! I’ve always had a passion for art and use it as a way to express myself. 2017 was a rough rollercoaster for me and I came across a tarot video on YouTube that basically described everything I was going through at the time. I was confused, curious and fascinated. I felt drawn to know more beyond just appreciating the art on the cards.

How You Currently Use This Method

After educating myself on the origins, uses, etc. I was guided to create my own tarot deck. This combined my use of art as self-expression/therapy with tarot, which gave me a greater understanding, and appreciation of the ups and downs of life. I use tarot as a way to read what energies are surrounding me and gain clarity on the best way to navigate them. The creation of my own tarot deck allowed me to use art as a method of expressing visually what these energies represent. Sometimes I choose cards weekly, sometimes daily – just depends on what I’m feeling. I reflect on what the cards mean to me in my life currently and at times what affect they’ve had on me in the past.

Additional Information on Background and Journey/Fun Facts

I feel like tarot has been perceived as something negative or shady partly due to a lack of understanding, which at one point I was guilty of. Like anything else, it’s a tool. In my opinion, tarot is an illustration of the human experience. Our ups and downs, successes and failures, celebrations and anxieties, etc. Using tarot as a tool for healing has really helped me change my perspective, specifically on difficult times. Sometimes it is necessary to go through certain things for us to let go of anything that no longer serves us. As humans we are resistant to change, but sometimes its necessary for growth.

Fun fact is that this healing led to the creation of Kaleidadope Tarot, which is a unique tarot deck that focuses on representation and bringing tarot into the 21st century making it more tangible for people to grasp and understand.

My goal is to educate people on what tarot truly is so fear or ignorance is no longer a deterrent for people who might have interest in gaining a deeper understanding. I also have a passion for creating art that people can resonate with through representation and familiar themes.

Krystal Banner can be reached on her Instagram pages for Kaleidadope and Kaleidadope Tarot, and be sure to check out her website HERE to see everything else she has to offer including AMAZING greeting cards.



I am SUPER, and I mean SUUUUPER excited and proud to give you guys a peek of what my sister and I have been working so hard on this year!

Are you ready?

ab·so·lute​ (/ˈabsəˌlo͞ot,ˌabsəˈlo͞ot/), adjective


1. being self-suficient and free of external references or relationships

2. perfectly embodying the nature of a thing • absolute affirmations

"What is it?": A 44-card positive affirmation deck with visuals and guidance to empower you

If you were able to catch my Instagram Live on the launch date of this website you might have heard when I mentioned a Positive Affirmation Deck that my sister and I collaborated on and created. Well, it is coming VERY soon and I couldn't think of a better time to release the sneak peek photos that have NEVER been seen by the world to show you guys how awesome this deck is going to be. My sister and I value and understand the power of positive affirmations so much that we wanted to share that with others. This deck will be an easy (and dope) way to begin or continue incorporating positive affirmations in your life daily. More details will come as we get closer to the release date! I will have a blog post dedicated specifically to the science and power of positive affirmations on the body, mind and spirit. Sneak Peek Below!

Krystal's Note: These positive affirmation cards can be used alone or in conjunction with tarot cards. There is no wrong way to use the Absolute Affirmations Deck. It is another way to maintain a positive mindset, and in essence, heal.

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